Some of the items that are available for download on this page have been compressed and binhexed or zipped to speed and ease their transmission through the Internet to you. To use these items, you should pick up these two free utilities first.

StuffIt Expander from Allume Systems will both decompress and debinhex the items on this page. There’s a version for Macintosh, Windows, and DOS. Files that have been binhexed have a .hqx extension. If you can’t open a stuffed file from this web site, you probably need a more recent version of StuffIt Expander.

Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems allows you to view and print some documents that you download here. Look for the Acrobat document icon next to the item and the .pdf extension in the file name. Preview, a part of Mac OS X, also works well. If you can’t open a .pdf file from the Pac-12 website, you probably need Adobe Reader version 5.x or later or Preview.

QuickTime is Apple’s cross-platform software for creating and viewing all types of multimedia content on your Mac and Windows computer. If you have iTunes, then you have QuickTime.