Pac-12 Documents

Below you will find a few documents relevant to Pac-12 compliance administration. 

Changes to the recruiting rules via adopted Proposals 2013-26 and 2013-27 (PDF).

Four-Year Transfers hits the key points for student-athletes who want to transfer into or within the Pac-12, including issues related to the NLI, the Pac-12 intra-Conference transfer rule, and more. (209K, updated 8/12/2011)

Got a student-athlete thinking about going pro? Our Pro Chart maps out the permutations of agents, drafts, eligibility, financial aid, and more. (127K, updated 8/12/2011)

The Pac-12′s Eligibility Petition Form, in PDF (242K), Word, and Pages (201K, zipped) formats, including a medical certification form for hardship waiver petitions. (Updated 8/1/2016)

The Pac-12 petition and waiver cheat sheet provides compliance administrators with a breakdown of all required documentation to be included within a submission to the conference.

The Pac-12′s Olympic Practice Waiver Form, in PDF.

The NCAA’s 1996 paper on institutional control summarizes the history of this finding by the NCAA Committee on Infractions. (28K, posted 9/16/97)

table summarizes the effect of the Pac-12′s qualifier/nonqualifier rules for incoming freshmen, non-Conference transfers, and intra-Conference transfers. (26K, updated 8/12/2011)

Recruiting Calendars 2016-2017 (*NCAA recruiting calendar site

Baseball 16-17 (.ics format)

Men’s Basketball 16-17 (.ics format)

Women’s Basketball 16-17 (.ics format)

Football 16-17 (.ics format)

Women’s Lacrosse 16-17 (.ics format)

Other Sports 16-17 (.ics format)

Softball 16-17 (.ics format)

W. Volleyball 16-17 (.ics format)

XCC/TRK 16-17 (.ics format)