Daily Rules Revelations – February 8, 2017 – Post-High School Contacts in MBKB

During the past few months, the NCAA has been attempting to clarify Bylaw as it applies to the sport of men’s basketball. We’ve heard that many institutions had a specific understanding of the legislation that did not necessarily align with the national office’s approach; namely, if a prospect had recruiting opportunities remaining with an institution, the institution could make an in-person contact with the prospect during the summer after his/her HS graduation before taking a buffer year at a prep school or elsewhere. Such understanding of the legislation seemed reasonable and was widely shared across the country. However, as of today, there is a new standard applicable to these scenarios. Specifically, coaches cannot make contact with these prospects during the period after HS graduation until October 15; thereafter, coaches will have an opportunity to make three contacts with these prospect’s.

Post-High School Contacts in Men’s Basketball (I)

 February 08, 2017 

The committee determined that in men’s basketball, post-high school contact with a prospective student-athlete may not occur until October 15 following the prospective student-athlete’s completion of high school, even if the institution did not use all of its recruiting opportunities for the prospective student-athlete in the previous year.