Daily Rules Revelation – January 3, 2017 – Replacement of Coaching Staff with Non-Coaching Staff Member

Scenario: Coffee Grounds University’s football team recently lost an up-and-coming quarterbacks coach to a non-conference school. The head football coach wants to replace this coach as soon as possible with a quality control assistant (non-coaching staff member); however, he is unsure if he wants to hire this individual full-time and may want to find another candidate to take the full-time quarterbacks coaching job.

Question: Is the head coach able to appoint the quality control assistant as the quarterbacks coach on a temporary basis in order to allow the individual to recruit and engage in coaching activities (as permitted by NCAA rules) while finding a permanent replacement?

Answer: Yes, the head coach is able to hire the quality control assistant as the quarterbacks coach on a temporary basis until a permanent coach is hired. This individual will be able to engage in all activities that the previous quarterbacks coach engaged in (off-campus recruiting, coaching student-athletes) while fulfilling this role.

Noncountable Coaches and Noncoaching Staff Members Serving as Countable Coaches (I)

 April 26, 2013 

The academic and membership affairs staff determined that an institution may temporarily employ and compensate a noncountable coach (e.g., volunteer coach) or noncoaching staff member as a countable coach if the regular countable coach has left the program, provided the institution does not exceed the total number of countable coaches for the sport. Further, the noncountable coach or noncoaching staff member may return to his or her original position once a permanent countable coach is employed by the institution.