Daily Rules Revelation – 1/19/2017 – Sports Sponsorship Issue

An institution’s women’s beach volleyball program is scheduled to participate in 10 contests during the 2017 championship segment. 7 of these contests will involve DI institutions while three other contests will be dual, one day competitions against DII opponents.

Will the institution be able to meet minimum sports sponsorship requirements with the contests against the DII opponents?

Yes, according to Bylaw, the 100% DI opponent scheduling requirement via is not applicable to a sport in which the only championship opportunity is the National Collegiate Championship. As women’s beach volleyball is considered to be a sports that has a national collegiate championship (see, the institution can reference Bylaw when using at least one of the contests against the DII opponent against the minimum contest requirements for sport sponsorship. National Collegiate Championship. A national collegiate championship for a particular sport is postseason competition conducted by the Association for eligible student-athletes and teams of active member institutions to determine the NCAA champion in that sport for all divisions that do not have a separate division championship in that sport. A national collegiate championship is established or continued in accordance with the criteria set forth in Bylaws 18.2.3 and 18.2.4.

20.8.1 Eligibility for National Collegiate Championships. [#] Separate championships in each division are not sponsored in the following sports:


Women’s bowling Men’s and women’s rifle
Men’s and women’s fencing Men’s and women’s skiing
Men’s gymnastics Men’s volleyball
Women’s gymnastics Men’s water polo
Women’s ice hockey Women’s water polo


An active member institution in good standing, regardless of division, is eligible for the National Collegiate Championships if a division championship in the respective sport is not offered in its division. Such an institution normally is required to meet only the institutional and individual eligibility requirements of its division that govern the sport in question. (Adopted: 4/24/03 effective 8/1/03, Revised: 1/15/11 effective 8/1/11)

20.8.2 Division II Options When No Division II Championship Is Conducted. An active member institution that holds membership in Division II is eligible to compete in the Division I championship in those sports for which no championship is conducted in Division II. The Division II institution shall declare its intention to compete by June 1. This declaration of intent shall be effective for a minimum of three years. (Revised: 1/10/91 effective 9/1/92)