1/18/17 – Daily Rules Revelations – FBOC Approves Changes to Recruiting Model

After meeting earlier today to discuss several topics, the NCAA DI Football Oversight Committee (FBOC) made a couple of important announcements related to its attempt to reform the football recruiting model. Specifically, the FBOC announced that it supported the adoption of a mid-December signing period for HS seniors; essentially, there would be a 72 hour period in mid-December when these HS seniors would be able to sign an NLI with a respective institution. This would obviously advance the signing period by a number of weeks. The CCA (Conference Commissioners Association) will need to formally review and vote to approve the new NLI signing period in the sport of football for it to be effective, as they have authority over the NLI program. Additionally, the FBOC announced that it would also make a tweak to the official visit element of the recruiting model proposal. After discussion, the FBOC agreed to expand the spring period during which junior prospects would be able to take official visits to campus; they would be able to take OVs beginning April 1 of junior year in HS through the Sunday before the last Wednesday in June. The caveat with this change is that these prospects would not be able to take an official visit in June in conjunction with participation in an institutional camp/clinic.

The DI Council still needs to review the omnibus recruiting model proposal and determine if all of the elements make sense for the advancement of DI football. Remember, there are also significant reforms aimed at institutional camps and clinics as well as applying the IAWP legislation to the sport. It remains to be seen if DI is willing to accept the entire model or if there will be a compromise to allow some elements while eschewing others.

NCAA January 2017 FBOC Meeting Update