October 30, 2016 — New Guidance for Questionnaires

Below you will find the newly published interpretation regarding questionnaires sent to recruits. We all know that questionnaires can be sent to prospects at any time, including second and third versions (and so on) after a prospect receives an initial questionnaire. However, what became unclear is just what could be included in a questionnaire, especially when it is sent to a freshman or sophomore prospect. Some institutions have used an old interpretation to justify blurring the lines a bit (this interpretation stipulated that the NCAA was not in the business of regulating questionnaire content). As the questionnaire content issue was somewhat of a hanging chad (uncertainty), the NCAA decided to provide additional clarity on the matter.  Please use this guidance moving forward:

Questionnaires for Prospective Student-Athletes Prior to the Permissible Date to Receive Recruiting Materials (I)

 October 27, 2016 

The academic and membership affairs staff confirmed that the content of questionnaires is left to institutional discretion.  However, prior to the first permissible date to receive recruiting materials, questionnaires may not include any recruiting language intended to solicit a prospective student-athlete’s enrollment, including general information about the institution’s athletics programs.  An institution, may however, include images of institutional or athletic facilities without any accompanying descriptions at any time.  Lastly, there is no restriction on the size of questionnaires; however, at no time may questionnaires include a detachable portion (e.g., poster, postcard).