NCAA Statement on CAP Agreement

For those who follow the developments of the NCPA (National College Players Association), the NCAA recently provided a response to the NCPA’s College Athlete Protection (CAP) Agreement that has been developed to assist prospect’s in their college decision-making. ┬áThe NCPA is advising prospects to use this agreement as a counter-offer to the traditional NLI (which is binding and includes protections for both the student and institution), as it includes other contractual elements that touch on the less-publicized benefits that student-athletes may receive during the course of their eligibility. While the NCPA includes a number of contractual elements within the agreement that a student-athlete may receive, the NCAA instructs institutions to tread carefully when dealing with the CAP due to some compliance-related concerns. While institutions can certainly agree to use this document, it remains imperative that the institution closely review each section of the agreement and make a determination of whether provision of any benefits under those sections would adhere to NCAA, conference or institutional policies.

Here is the advisory document published by the NCAA.