State Legislature Attempts to Impose NCAA Enforcement Deadline

An interesting bit of news out of Mississippi. It appears that a stat legislator in the state recently introduced a bill that is aimed at imposing a deadline for the NCAA Enforcement staff to complete its investigations against schools in that state. Specifically, this piece of legislation stems from the ongoing investigation into the University of Mississippi football program, which has consumed the better part of four years. If passed, this house bill would require the NCAA “to complete its investigation, present findings to the NCAA Committee on Infractions and to render its final decision either imposing penalties for the violations proven in the investigation process or dismissal of the allegations” within nine months of a member institution’s response to a letter of inquiry. Should the NCAA fail to meet the deadline proposed in the bill, ”it would be fined $10,000 each day it goes past the window of time and said fine should be “payable to the member institution subject to the investigation and actionable through the Circuit Courts of the State of Mississippi.”

While this isn’t the first time that a state legislature has proposed potential state laws aimed at the NCAA’s rules and processes, this seems to one of the few attempts in the recent past to impose stricter procedures via state law with threat of action in the court system.

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