State Laws Hinder Future College Basketball Scheduling

As the political realm has become much more involved in the goings-on of the NCAA, here is another story that indicates how state legislatures are influencing college athletics. Per a story on NBC Sports, a potential home-and-home series between the University of California-Berkeley and the University of Kansas men’s basketball teams has been scuttled due to existing legislation in both states. Specifically, the state of California passed a law in 2015 (now effective) that bars colleges or universities from┬ácollege and universities traveling to states that makes legal the ability to discriminate against the LGBT community. Kansas currently has a law that allows campus student groups to ban members based on their religious beliefs, and included under that umbrella is the right for religious groups to ban gay people. Therefore, as the Kansas law enables discrimination against the LGBT community, California schools and universities are banned from traveling there, including for purposes of participating in a basketball game.

Here is a link to the article.