Off-Campus Contact Between Enrolled Student and PSA During UV

The national office recently published a determination for scenarios involving in-person, off-campus contact between enrolled students and prospective student-athletes during unofficial visits. Essentially, off-campus contact between students and prospects may occur as long as the contact was not made pursuant to a coaching staff member’s direction.

Off-Campus Contact Between Enrolled Student or Student-Athlete and Prospective Student-Athlete During Unofficial Visit (I)

 December 08, 2016 

The academic and membership affairs staff determined that during an unofficial visit, off-campus contact may occur between an enrolled student or student-athlete and prospective student-athlete, regardless of whether the visit was arranged by the athletics department, provided any off-campus contact is not at the direction of a coaching staff member (e.g., coach tells the student-athlete to take the prospective student-athlete to get ice cream off campus).