NCAA and other conference settle Alston case

The NCAA and eleven DI conferences recently reached a settlement agreement with the plaintiffs in the Alston v. NCAA case that had been in front of Judge Wilken in the Northern District of California federal court; this case is one of two that were consolidated (Alston and Jenkins) and placed in front of Judge Wilken. The terms of the settlement will still need to be reviewed and approved by Judge Wilken but, if that occurs, the NCAA and conferences agree to provide $208.7 million to members of the Alston class. Remember that Alston sought to obtain damages from the defendants, arguing that defendants had violated antitrust laws by conspiring to cap the amount of a full grant-in-aid scholarship to a value below cost of attendance. In light of the NCAA’s recent move to allow cost-of-attendance scholarships, it seems that the settlement seeks to provide plaintiff class members with the difference between the grant-in-aid value and COA value for the duration in question. This settlement will only impact men’s basketball, women’s basketball and football student-athletes that received scholarships since March of 2010.

Here is an good summary of the settlement’s impact and what it may mean for other litigation.

Additionally, here is the NCAA’s statement on the settlement.