Meals and Lodging to PSA Siblings on Official Visits

Although the conference office has consistently applied the new official visit legislation that offers more flexibility to provide meals and lodging to a prospect’s family members, the NCAA has received enough inquiries to warrant publishing a confirmation of an interpretation that the conference has supported. Specifically, in cases where a prospect taking an official visit to an institution has a prospect-aged sibling also being recruited by the institution, some institutions are hesitant to apply the recent flexibility offered via adopted Proposal 2015-21. Recall that 2015-21 provided institutions with additional flexibility to provide lodging and meals for a prospect’s family members (up to four) during an official visit. Before that rule change, institutions had to be wary of family members attending the visit that they were also recruiting; providing meals or allowing them to stay in a room as an additional person triggered an official visit. Now, in light of the rule change, institutions no longer need to worry about that previous interpretive wrinkle.

Here is the interpretive guidance as published by the NCAA:

Prospective Student-Athlete’s Prospect-Aged Sibling Receiving Meals and/ or Lodging While Accompanying the Prospective Student-Athlete on an Official Visit (I)

 January 05, 2017 

The NCAA academic and membership affairs staff confirmed that it is permissible for an institution to provide meals and/or lodging during an official visit to the sibling of a prospective student-athlete, who is also prospect-aged or is being recruited by the institution without constituting an official visit for the prospective student-athlete’s sibling, provided no recruitment of the sibling occurs during the visit and he or she is included in the four permissible family members’ meals.