Game Day Simulations and Institutional Camps/Clinics

The NCAA just released a new interpretation ahead of the spring/summer months when institutional camp and clinic season begins. Specifically, the interpretation relates to an institution’s ability to have prospects at the camps/clinics engage in activities that are considered to be game day simulations. So, if an institution is hosting a camp/clinic that includes prospects, it would not be able to allow the prospects to engage in typical game day simulations (e.g., running out of a tunnel to music/smoke, announcing names over the PA system). While this seems like a bit of a stretch (many camps use PA systems during course of camp), there is a clear desire to prevent institutions from providing game day simulations while prospects are on campus for visits or camps.

Game Day Simulations During a Camp/Clinic Involving Prospects (I)

 March 22, 2017 

The committee determined that it is impermissible to perform game day simulations (e.g., running out of an inflatable tunnel to music, smoke machine, announcing names through public address system) during an institutional camp/clinic involving prospective student-athletes. Further, game day simulations remain impermissible at camps/clinic involving prospects even if similar game day activities occur at other institutional camps (e.g., nonprospective student-athlete aged camp, women’s football clinic).