DRR – April 4, 2017 – Blanket Waiver for Summer Access – Incoming Frosh and Expenses Prior to Summer Classes

The NCAA recently approved a blanket waiver to allow prospects who will participate in required summer access workouts (football and basketball) but enroll in their summer school courses after the start of said workouts to receive lodging and meal expenses prior to the start of their sumer school courses. Specifically, the NCAA felt it necessary to provide a waiver due to the fact that these prospects will technically not trigger student-athlete status (see Bylaw 13.02.13) prior to the start of summer access workouts. Even though they will be participating in required summer workouts, they technically will not be considered student-athletes for purposes of Bylaw 16. Therefore, a waiver was necessary to allow them to receive lodging and meal expenses to participate in the required summer access workouts prior to the start of their summer classes.  See below for more information from the NCAA.


Summer Access Expenses Blanket Waiver Approved, March 16, 2017. 

Basketball and football prospective student-athletes may receive actual and necessary expenses (i.e., housing and meals) in conjunction with participation in required summer athletics activities during the 2017 summer term.


In granting this request, the NCAA Division I Committee for Legislative Relief noted:


  • ·                  The financial hardship that would be incurred by prospective student-athletes required to participate in summer athletics activities;


  • ·                  The confusion surrounding the proper process for legislative changes of the impacted legislation; and


  • ·                  NCAA Division I autonomy conferences are committed to reviewing the impacted legislation during the 2017-18 legislative cycle.


Further, the committee noted:


  • ·                  This blanket waiver allows institutions to provide expenses to prospective student-athletes who have not yet triggered student-athlete status but are eligible to participate in summer athletics activities pursuant to NCAA Bylaws (required summer athletic activities – basketball) and (required summer athletics activities – football); and


  • ·                  This blanket waiver does not allow institutions to provide expenses to current student-athletes who may participate in required summer athletics activities without being enrolled in summer school (i.e., satisfies a prong of NCAA Bylaw


See Case No. 968274 in Requests/Self-Reports Online via the search tab.  Additional information regarding blanket waivers can be found on the Committee for Legislative Relief homepage.