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Some of the items that are available for download on this page have been compressed and binhexed or zipped to speed and ease their transmission through the Internet to you. To use these items, you should pick up these two free utilities first. StuffIt Expander from Allume Systems will both decompress and debinhex the items on this page. There’s…


Pac-12 Handbook

Pick up the 2017-18 Pac-12 Handbook here. We plan to post updates during the academic year as appropriate. The 2017-18 Pac-12 Handbook (1.6 MB, uploaded 7/27/2017) includes bookmarks that allow you to jump to particular pages with a single click. After downloading your copy, print it back-to-back on your computer’s printer or copier and put it in a binder.


Pac-12 Documents

Below you will find a few documents relevant to Pac-12 compliance administration.  Changes to the recruiting rules via adopted Proposals 2013-26 and 2013-27 (PDF). Four-Year Transfers hits the key points for student-athletes who want to transfer into or within the Pac-12, including issues related to the NLI, the Pac-12 intra-Conference transfer rule, and more. (209K, updated 8/12/2011) Got a student-athlete…